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Meet Carina


What happens when a wayward, boy-crazy teen grows into a responsible adult?

Fate laughs wickedly and grants that girl her once ultimate wis—a life full of men.


Carina lives in a tiny Maine town with her biker-turned-businessman husband who keeps her on her toes and their two heathens who made her realize that wicked chicks do, in fact, lay deviled eggs.


Full of snark, Carina is a self proclaimed geek who makes fun of herself constantly, loves all things Disney, and thinks playing her her imaginary friends is the best job in the world. 


An avid reader, book chats with her friends are her favorite.



A USA Today Best Selling and Amazon Top 100 Author, Carina's books have topped the charts at retailers both nationwide and all over the world. 


A lover of the written word who craves the epic and unconventional, Carina also has an unhealthy obsession with Stanley Tucci, relaxes to the sounds of Johnny Cash, is the crazy friend your mom warned you about, has a heart and soul as black as the coffee she drinks, and believes one day she will go through the stones to 1743 and meet Mr. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (if you know, you know).

Carina has been writing and creating characters for as long as she can remember, allowing her to fall in love with the next man of her dreams with every new story. 

None of which are anything like boring Prince Charming.


Carina is currently working on two novels: Echoes of Us, the final installment of the Dreams Trilogy and 'Stones' a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of second chance love.

Carina is represented by SBR Media. For Inquiries regarding foreign rights, audio, and other media outlets, please contact Katie Monson at

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