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Ruffles & BEAUS

Hidden truths are unspoken lies


Ruffles and BeausEbook.jpg

In the dance of life everybody needs a partner. Some have two. 

My last year of college was set to be the best yet. With a great job and better friends, only a few months stood between me and the life of my dreams. Until it all fell apart. 

Desperate, I stumbled into a job at Soirée, a private party company. The underground world of burlesque offered me something nothing else had. And since they’d never seen a girl like me, it was a perfect match. 

Two problems stood between me and utter happiness. Roman, the boss who hated me as much as I despised him. And his best friend Reid, who wanted me as much as I needed him.

Our story didn’t start when I squeezed into my first corset. It began with the secrets I kept as I fell in love with two very different men. And continued with the lies I told to keep us all from breaking.

We're about to throw out all the rules - and create new ones. And it's all playing out on the biggest stage of all... the human heart.

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