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Ride Hard, Ride Fast, Ride Safe

Motorcycle Club romance novels. No. It's not an oxymoron. They're real. And they're fascinating.

According to Mara White at the Huffington Post, Motorcycle Club themed romance novels are their very own genre. One that has a crazy cult-like following. In fact, the genre is a constant on Amazon's Best Seller list.

Why do we want to read books about dirty bikers who break the law and do horrible things without hesitation? The DateMix claims that it's based on science; girls have always had a soft spot for the bad boy because he's more attractive, more fun, and we can blame our hormones. Bad boys, yes. But, bikers?

We could blames Sons of Anarchy. Women watched the television show in droves and fell hard for Jax or Opie. I understand; Opie will always own my heart. Almost overnight, everyone wanted more. They were fascinated by a crazy world they didn't understand and wanted to read about the men from their wildest fantasies.

Many authors were happy to deliver. From Beth Flynn and her Nine Minutes Trilogy to Joanna Wylde's Reapers MC to The Bastards of Boston by Carina Adams, the indie-literary world was invaded with obnoxious men who weren't afraid to throw a punch and the women who loved them. Readers gobbled the stories up because it was new, foreign to us, and deep down we all want to be the one who reforms the bad-ass biker with the bad-ass attitude.

The hero of these stories is the ultimate bad-boy; a hardcore alpha male who drives readers crazy with his demanding and rough attitude, his fierce love of the heroine and his unwavering loyalty to his brothers in matching leather cuts. The heroine ranges from a strong willed princess who understands how risky club life is to the sweet and innocent young woman who is just waiting for our beloved hero to come along and corrupt her.

How many of these stories mix fact with fiction and how many are straight up imagination? A few years ago, Joanna Wylde spoke with Heroes and Heartbreakers to talk about everything she'd discovered while researching her first MC romance, Reaper's Property. She was shocked by what she'd learned and her brain started churning the tale right away.

New to MC romance and ready to find out if it's the genre for you? Or, maybe you just want to find your next favorite MC romance. Either way, check out this list for 17 Motorcycle Club books that you're sure to love.

And, make sure you tell me what you think!

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